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DOTS Facilitator

A solution to solve miscommunications.

DOTS is a fantastic communication tool that has the ability to change your life for the better. 


It is a fabulous workplace tool that removes most of the miscommunications that affect workplace morale.  The DOTS intellectual property is owned by Life Performance Ltd  which Pam Wallace is one of the directors. 

Pam is a experience facilitator and

co-authored the "Get Dotted" training programme. This makes it easy for Pam to tailor solutions for your business whether it be with team development or resilience training or something else in mind.

For more information on DOTS please visit

"I would have no hesitation recommending Pam Wallace People Solutions.  Pam is an outstanding facilitator of DOTS both for the introductory and advanced workshops as well as one on one sessions. Pam intuitively understands where people are at and what needs to be presented to resolve challenges, enhance teams and build knowledge."


Anne Pullar,  Managing Director, Communities NZ Ltd


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